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Curso Inglés Jurídico

  • Modalidad Streaming
  • Horario 18:30 a 20:30 hrs.


Josefina Pérez
Teléfono: 223279822
E-mail: mariajosefina.perez@udd.cl


The course is aimed at law students and professionals who are non-native English speakers with a focus on the fundamentals of international legal English of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-American jurisdictions in practice.
The required level of general English proficiency is intermediate to upper intermediate. Course will be held 100% in English.


The main goals of the course are:
– to increase law practitioners’ range of vocabulary of Legal English,
– to practise and increase comprehension of legal texts in various areas of law with a hands-on approach,
– to gain confidence in communicating in applied Legal English language, both in speaking and writing, and
– to extend the knowledge of International Legal English practice.

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  • Valor arancel $590.000
  • Descuentos 20% alumni, 15% abogados colegiados y afiliados a la Caja de Compensación Los Andes