Curso Inglés Jurídico

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The course is aimed at law students and professionals who are non-native English speakers with the focus on the fundamentals of international legal English of Anglo-Saxon and Anglo-American jurisdictions in practice.

The required level of general English proficiency is intermediate to upper intermediate. Course will be held 100% in English.


The main objectives of the course are:
– To increase law practitioners’ range of vocabulary of Legal English,
– To practise and increase comprehension of legal texts in various areas of law with a hands-on approach,
– To gain confidence in communicating in applied Legal English language, both in speaking and writing, and,
– To extend the knowledge of International Legal English practice.


Among the main areas covered are the following:
Practice of Law (legal systems, bodies of law, types of law and courts; Company Law (company formation and management: memorandum of association (UK); articles/certificate of incorporation (USA); corporate governance disputes; Letter of Advice (lawyer to client); company capitalisation/company; and, fundamental changes in a company); Commercial Law (commercial agency contract/agreement between an agent and principal in international trade (i.e. ICC Model Commercial Agency Contract); Contract Law (understanding contracts’ elements and style of a contract (UK and US law) vs Chile (offer, acceptance, consideration, intention); contracts and statutes; different types and parts of contracts; breach of contract – litigation; Real Property Law (Lease or Tenancy Agreements); Employment Law (Labour Law); and the IRAC Structure for drafting legal documents.

Método o Técnica de Enseñanza

A broadly communicative methodology and a text and task-based approach are used. Pair and group work is an important part of the learning process. The reading texts are authentic or semi-authentic and provide context for international English legal vocabulary.

Requisitos de Certificación

  • Porcentaje (%) mínimo de Asistencia: 85% de Asistencia

La Universidad del Desarrollo se reserva el derecho a dictar o no el programa si no existe el mínimo de participantes requerido.

Docentes del Programa

Francisca García Huidobro

Master of Arts in Education (TESOL) Oxford Brookes. Egresada de Derecho Pontificia Universidad Católica.

El listado de docentes está sujeto a confirmación. La Universidad se reserva el derecho de reemplazarlos.

Antecedentes Generales

Cecilia Alcalde

Inicio de clases
22 mayo 2018
Término de programa
10 julio 2018
Av. Plaza 680, San Carlos de Apoquindo, Las Condes
De 19.00 a 21.15 hrs.-
Valor Arancel